What does the name Deborah mean?


The name Deborah means "bee." It is a longstanding name believed to be of Hebrew origin. The name Deborah is also famous for the Biblical prophetess.

According to Think Baby Names, the popularity of the name Deborah peaked in the U.S. during the 1950s and has been declining ever since. One of the most famous instances of the name Deborah is that of the Biblical prophetess, associated with summoning Barak to battle against an invading army. The Book of Judges in the Bible records her victory song after the battle.

Some famous women with the name Deborah include actress Deborah Kerr and singers Deborah Gibson and Deborah Harry.

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Deborah is a female name of Hebrew origin, and its meaning is "bee". ChaCha again soon!
The name Deborah means "Queen Bee" The origin is Hebrew. Deborah was the name of a judge prominent in the Old Testament of the Bible. One of the most important women in
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Deborah J. Brock
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