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The name Elizabeth is a Hebrew word that means ?oath of God?. Notable people who have had this as their name include; Queen Elizabeth the 2nd of Great Britain, Elizabeth, the mother of John the Baptist and world famous American actress Elizabeth Taylor. Other names and their meanings can be found on the website zelo.com/first names/findresults.asp?.
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First Names: Elizabeth
1. Hebrew: God's oath; dedicated
2. Hebrew: Consecrated to God
Source: baby-names.familyeducation.com
Elizabeth is a very common name that is given to the girl children. This name means God is my oath or oath of God and it is pronounced as ee-liz-ah-beth. The name originated from the Hebrews and it has several nick names such as: Liz, Bess, Bessy or Els.
The name Elizabeth means God's promise or God is my oath. Its origin is Hebrew and is specifically meant to be a girl's name. In recent times, it has been popular with the Queen of England, named after the biblical mother of John the Baptist.
The name Elizabeth is the Greek translation of the Hebrew name Elisheva, which means “God’s promise” or “oath of God”. The name was made popular by Queen Elizabeth I of England in the 16th century and it’s also the name of the late Queen Mother and Queen Elizabeth II.
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Elizabeth is a Hebrew name meaning "My God is my oath." The name is also Biblical in origin, Elizabeth being the mother of John the Baptist. It is also English in origin
God's promise, God is my oath. Of Hebrew origin.
The girl's name Elizabeth is pronounced ee-LIZ-a-beth. It is of Hebrew origin, and
The name Elizabeth comes from Hebrew origin, and its meaning is "God's promise" and "God is my oath."
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