What Is the Meaning of the Name Fanny?


The name Fanny means 'from France'. It is of Latin origin and a variant of Frances. It is given to girls and is very popular as a first name. However, it is not used as much as a surname.
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First Names: Stephanie
1. Greek: Crown
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Fanny is a name of Latin origin that means 'from France.' The name is mostly used in naming female kids, and is popular in English and French speaking countries. It is another form of the name Frances.
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In the UK fanny means a woman's vagina. In the US it means a person's rear end, or a beautiful name for a girl. (Fannee or Fannie)
The meaning of the American name Fanny is Free. As a slang term it can also
fanny pack: a waist pack worn with the pouch in back
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The name Fanni means 'From France, free man'. It is generally a girl's name that is pronounced Fa-nni. It is made up of two syllables and five letters. It is variant ...
Fannie is a Latin name used to mean 'from France'. The name is a variant of the names Frances and Fanny and it is popularly used to name baby girls. Some of the ...
The name Fanny is considered to be of Latin origin. The name is mostly used as a girl's name and basically means 'from France'. The name Fanny is the nickname ...
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