What Is the Meaning of the Name Gordon?


Gordon is an English name which means large fort. A French origin of the same word means corpulent; fat and Gaelic origin means beloved. Similar names to Gordon for boys and girls include; Gavin, Cameron and Grady.
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Gordon is a masculine name meaning 'large fort' in its English origin. In its French origin, it means 'corpulent; fat' and 'beloved' in its Gaelic origin. Alternate spellings of the name Gordon include; Gorden, Gourdon and Gourden.
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Gordon is of Old English and Gaelic origin, and means "large fortification" Interestingly the Spanish word gordo means large as well, specifically "fat"
Honour of Charles George Gordon (1833-1885) a British general who died
gordon setter: a Scottish breed with a black-and-tan coat
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Gordon is a surname of Old English and Gaelic origins. It is a masculine given name and it is sometimes used as a first name as well. The name means 'large fortification ...
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Gordon is a name of English, French and Gaelic origin. It is boys' name and based on its English origin, it means 'large fort'. However, based on its French origin ...
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