What Is the Meaning of the Name Harley?


The name Harley is of English extraction and it means hare meadow. It belongs to the flower and brand name categories and it is used for both boys and girls. Among the famous bearers of the name include Harley Kozak.
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First Names: Harlow
1. Old English: From the protected town
2. German: Flax
3. Old English: Rabbit archer
Source: baby-names.familyeducation.com
Harley is a unisex name meaning 'hare clearing' from Old English hara 'hare' and leah 'clearing'. The name is of English origin. It is mostly used as a surname as opposed to a first name.
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The Harley-Davidson FLH motorcycle, manufactured by the Milwaukee-based Harley-Davidson Motorcycle Company, originated in 1949 as the Hydra-Glide touring model, so named for its hydraulically
william harley and arthur davidson founded harley davidson motorcycle co
In Greek, 'harley' is
I'd wager that at least one of her parents is really into motorcycles. Harley is the surname of William S. Harley who partnered with Arthur Davidson to create the Harley-Davidson
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The name Harley means 'heap of stones' 'hare' or 'hare clearing'. Harley is an English name by origin and its variants include Harlee, Harleigh and Harly. Harley ...
The name Harley is English by origin. Harley is both a masculine and feminine name that is pronounced as 'HAHR-lee'. The name means 'heap of stones' 'hare' or ...
Harli is an Old English origin name meaning 'hare clearing'. The feminine given name is a form of the English name Harley. It is unique because it is not commonly ...
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