What Is the Meaning of the Name Jamil?


The name Jamil means beautiful or handsome, this name is usually used as a boy's name or male's name. The name is of Africa-American origin and is mostly popular with the Muslim community. It is pronounced as Jah-mil and some of its variants include Gamll and Jamil.
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In Arabian Peninsula, Jamil means handsome.
Name Jamil - Gender: Male Origin: Arabic Meaning: Handsome.
Means Beautiful or Elegant and the origin is Arabic
It means handsome
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Jamil is a boy's name and it is a variant of Jamal, which originates from Arabic, where it means 'handsome'. The baby name Jamil is not a trendy first name for ...
The name Jamila is of Arabic origin and it means 'Lovely,' commonly mostly used as a girl's name. It is an earlier form of the name Jamil and its variant spellings ...
The boys' names that mean handsome at birth are Kevin, Adonis, Bellamy, Hassan, Alan and Jamal. Others are Keefe, Bello, Ara, Keely, Jamil and Beal. These names ...
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