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The name Jason means 'healer' or 'the Lord is salvation'. This masculine name is a derivative of the name Joshua. Popular celebrities who have the same name include Jason Robards and Jason Biggs.
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First Names: Jason
1. Greek: Healer
Source: baby-names.familyeducation.com
Jason is a boy's name of Greek origin. The name means 'healer' and it is pronounced as JAY-sun. It is commonly used in English speaking countries and also features in biblical text. Similar names include Justin, Joshua, and Mathhew.
The masculine name Jason means a 'healer'. It is found in the Bible, as the house of a man named Jason was used as a refuge by Paul and Silas. Its popularity in the United Kingdom peaked during the 1970s, when it was among the top 20 male names, but it had fallen out of the top 100 by 2003.
The meaning of the name Jason is 'healer' or 'the Lord is salvation'. This name is a boy's name that is of Greek and Hebrew origin. Jason has 12 variant forms that include Jace, Jacen, Jaisen, Jaison and Jase.
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Jason comes from the greek heritage meaning healer. In Greek mythology he was leader of the Argonauts. Jason has been in the top one hundred names since 1966.
Jason is a funny, laughable person who loves to have fun!
The boy's name Jason is of Greek and Hebrew origin, and its meaning is
jason: (Greek mythology) the husband of Medea and leader of the Argonauts who sailed in quest of the Golden Fleece
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Jason is a boys name meaning 'healer; the Lord is salvation'. It is of Greek and Hebrew origin, and a variant of Joshua. Jason is a very popular first name for ...
The name Jason is of Greek origin meaning 'healer'. It is generally used as a boy name mainly in English speaking countries. The name is borne by a famous Australian ...
Jason means 'to heal'. It is used to as a boy's name and is of Old Greek origin. Its older version is the names Lason and Joshua while its other variants are Jaisen ...
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