What is the meaning of the name Jeanette?


The name "Jeanette" means "God is gracious." It is a fairly common baby name for Scottish, British, American and French baby girls. "Jennie" and "Jeannie" are common nicknames for "Jeanette."

According to She Knows Baby Names, the name "Jeanette" is the Scottish version of the Old French "Jehane," which is a feminine form of "John." The name "John" has the meaning "God is gracious." In French, "Jeanette" has an additional meaning of "Little Jean." According to Baby Name Wizard, "Jeanette" is from the French name "Jeannette," a diminutive form of "Jeanne." The popularity of the name "Jeanette" peaked in the 1930s, representing 1,098 per million babies.

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