What is the meaning of the name "Jojo"?


Jojo is an African name meaning 'Monday born'. It is generally used for both genders, placed in the categories of Ghanaian names and Fante names. It is not a very popular first name in women or a common surname for all people.
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Nickname for Joseph or Josephine, sounds a bit youthful or baby-talk like Jay- Jay. The phrase is associated with Jo-Jo Baker , the French actress of American Black extraction. In
Definition not found. Did you mean: mojo, tojo ?
Though it is uncommon, Daffodil is given as a feminine name in English speaking countries. Like Rose or Lily, Daffodil most immediately conjures the flower of the same name. Daffodil
Her name is: Joanna Noelle Levesque. Bday: December 20, 1990.
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