What Is the Meaning of the Name Landis?


Landis is a name with English origin and it means 'laundryman' or 'landowner'. It is a variant for the name Lander. The name also has German origins and means 'picket fence', or it can be an expression that is used to describe someone from the rural area.
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it is a girl's last name.
The name Sam is a short form of Samuel, Samson or Samantha. The name Landi was not
i am a Filipino so i'll answer it for you. Ang Landi Mo means You are a flirt! but it varies depends on the use of the phrase but definitely. it is something to do with u being a
This is an unusual name. The origin is somewhat obscure. MacLysaght thought that it was derived from the Norman name de la Launde, Launde being a glade. It was found in county Kilkenny
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Landis is not a word but a name which means 'rough land'. The name Landis is of English origin. It used as a boy's name and has the variant, Landry. Landis has ...
The name Landis is of English origin. The meaning of it is 'rough land'. Landis is used as a male name in most English speaking countries. Landry is thought to ...
The name Janison is of American orign and the meaning of it is son of Jane. Janison was highly contributed by member Jane Landis and is generally used in naming ...
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