What is the meaning of the name Linda?


In English origin, the name Linda means lime tree or linden tree. In Spanish origin, it means 'pretty one'. This name is a feminine name and is considered a very common name among girls.
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Linda is a girl's name meaning 'weak', 'soft', 'gentle' and 'friendly'. It is of Germanic and old English origin and is pronounced as /LIHNDah/. It is a pet form of the Italian and Spanish name Belinda. It is also a derivative form of the Scottish name Lindsay.
The name Linda means pretty and is of Spanish origin. It was originally derived from the German name Linde, which refers to a lime tree and is used as a girl's name. The name is also of African origin and it means wait.
The name Linda is a feminine name. It is originally a medieval short form of Germanic names containing the element 'linde' meaning 'soft' or 'tender', and coincides with the Spanish word 'linda' meaning 'beautiful'. Common nicknames for the name Linda are Lynn and Lindy.
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