What Is the Meaning of the Name Marcelle?


The name Marcelle means 'little Marcus'. This name originates from the Latin Language and it is often given to baby girls. Marcelle is commonly used in English and French speaking countries in the form of Marcel.
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God of War or Brave.
The name Marcelle is of French origin. Variant of Marcellus (Latin) "little
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The name Marcel basically means 'of Mars, the god of war'. The name is of French origin and is generally used as a boy's name. The name Marcel is a form of the ...
Marcell is a boy's name of French origin meaning 'little warrior'. The variants of the name are Marcelin, Marcellin, Marcellino, Marcel and Marcello. Marcell is ...
There is no definition for the word Marcel; however it is used as a baby boy's name and it means dedicated to Mars or war like. It is of Latin origin and its older ...
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