What does the name "Marie" mean?


The name "Marie" is a French variant of the English name "Mary." The name "Mary" has a biblical origin and was the name held by the mother of Jesus.

Before being translated into English, "Mary" was rooted in the Hebrew name "Miriyam," also spelled "Miriam." The original translations of the name include "sea of sorrow" and "sea of bitterness," but some translations include "rebellion," "wished-for child" and "mistress or lady of the sea." In the Hebrew history of the Old Testament, Miriam was the sister of Moses, who led the Jewish people out of Egypt and through the desert to the promised land. Once Moses parted the Red Sea and they crossed to freedom, Miriam and the other women danced to celebrate.

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First Names: Mary
1. Hebrew: Bitter; the star of the sea
2. Italian: Beautiful
Source: baby-names.familyeducation.com
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