What Is the Meaning of the Name Marisol?


Marisol is a feminine name meaning 'Sunny Sea'. The name originated from Spain and is pronounced as Mah-ree-sol. The famous real life people named Marisol are; Marisol Maldonado, Marisol Gonzalez and Marisol Escobar among others.
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Marisol comes from Spanish: Mar = Sea Sol = Sun The word "and" in spanish would be "y", which in this case is replaced by "i", thus, Marisol meaning
Marsala:1:dark sweet or semisweet dessert wine from
There are three different definitions of Marisol, each equally as valid: Mary of the Sun: Marisol may be a combination of the name Maria, or Mary, and the Spanish word for sun, sol.1
marisol means lonely,where as in another language it means new beggining,so its about lonelyness but in the end a new beginning,i agree,beautiful song!
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The meaning of the name Marisol is Combination Of Maria And Sol 'sun'. The origin of the name ...
Marisol is a name of both Spanish and Hebrew origins. The name means 'sunny sea' and is used as a girl's name. It is more commonly used as a first name than as ...
Sculptor Marisol Escobar was born in Paris with the name Maria Sol Escobar in May of 1930. Her biography tells us that her early art interests began in her teenage ...
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