What Is the Meaning of the Name Marlow?


The meaning of the name Marlow is 'drained lake'. This name is of Old English origin and is used as a boy's as well as a girl's name. the name is not popular as a first name, but is common as a last name or surname.
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What means Marlow Lou.
Definition not found. Did you mean: marlowe, harlow, marrow, mallow ?
christopher marlowe: English poet and playwright who introduced blank verse as a form of dramatic expression
Meaning tough cynical detective (one of the early detective heroes in American fiction) created by Raymond Chandler Synonym(s) Philip Marlowe (what does Philip Marlowe mean?) Hypernyms
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The name Marlow has an English origin. It is a male given name meaning 'lake remains'. Marlow was initially the name of a place in Buckinghamshire, England and ...
Marlowe is a person's name. It means 'bog' or 'lake remnants' and is of English origin. It is generally used as a boy's name and is pronounced as Mar-lowe. It ...
Sharon Stone is the actress playing A.D.A. Jo Marlowe in Law and Order SVU. She appeared in four episodes during the 11th season of the show. She is not a member ...
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