What Is the Meaning of the Name Masako?


The meaning of the name Masako is 'proper child or justice'. It is a girl name of Japanese origin. The name has been used by many prominent people including the crown prince Masako and Japanese actress Masako Natsume.
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Masako is a female Japanese given name. Masako Nozawa was a
Aiko, the princess's personal name, is written with kanji character for "love" and "child" and means "a person who loves others. She also has a imperial title
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The name Masako is originally from Japan. It is a female given name meaning 'justice'. It is a popular name in Japan with several famous people having the name ...
Masako, Crown Princess of Japan is the wife of Naruhito, Crown Prince of Ja. ...
Crown Princess Masako and Aiko are examples of Japanese princesses. ...
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