What Is the Meaning of the Name Max?


The meaning of the name Max is 'the greatest'. The name has Latin origins, but is also found in other parts of the world. The name is used for the male species.
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First Names: Mackenzie
1. Irish: Child of the wise leader
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Max is a name that is generally used for both boys and girls. It is of English origin and it means greatest. The name is also of German origin where it means the same. Max has four variant forms including Maks, Maxence, Maxson and Maxx.
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The meaning of the name Max is "the greatest". The origin of Max is Latin.
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Max is not a word but a name usually used for boys. It's of Latin as well as English origins and means 'the greatest'. The name is a nickname of Maximillian and ...
Max is a name whose origin is English. This name is derived from another English name Maxwell, which means 'dweller by Maccus' or the German name Maximillian which ...
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