What Does the Name Mika Mean?


The name Mika has varied meanings depending on the origin. In Japan, it is a female given name which means 'beautiful smell'. In Finland, it primarily a male given name which means 'who is like God?'.
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Finnish short form of MIKAEL or MICHAEL which originates from the Hebrew name,
it means Attractive.
Though it is uncommon, Daffodil is given as a feminine name in English speaking countries. Like Rose or Lily, Daffodil most immediately conjures the flower of the same name. Daffodil
Michael Bambihill | Mika Kaurismaki
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The meaning of the name Mika depends on its origin. Among the Native Americans, it means 'an intelligent raccoon' while the Hebrew and the Finnish meaning is 'who is like God'. The Japanese version of the name refers to a beautiful aroma.
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