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The name Mya originated from the Greek name Maia, which simply means - great mother. This name is considered feminine, though it is not common either as a first name or a surname. Mya Marie Harrison is one of the famous musicians in the United States of America who use the name.
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Maya is a Greek name meaning 'great mother' It's a feminine name mainly used as a first name by the English speaking community. It is also believed to be of English origin meaning great mother, but it is also used in among some African communities.
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Mya:1:type genus of the family
genus mya: type genus of the family Myacidae
Meaning type genus of the family Myacidae Synonym(s) genus Mya (what does genus Mya mean?) Hypernyms(s) Mya is a kind of… Example: animal is a hypernym of mammal, plant is
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The name Mya is a girl's name that has a myriad of origins. It is of Burmese origin, where it means 'emerald', Latin origin, where it means 'nurse', Egyptian origin ...
BET movies mostly involve plots that have been packaged for the African American community in the US. BET means Black Entertainment Television in full. Mya played ...
The name of the music video of Mya in it with her on roller skates is called Free. The video is shown online as well as on television. ...
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