What is the meaning of the name Neetu?


The name Neetu means "unknown." It is an Indian name that has its roots in Sanskrit and Hindi, with other interpretations showing it to mean "one who is not knowing." It is generally used for naming girls but is occasionally found as a boy's name.

The name Neetu comes from the Indian word meaning "know nothing" or unknown. It generally is interpreted as: unable to be known or obscure, hidden or secret. It is also related to the Hindi word for innocent or pure. Combining these meanings shows one who is naive or pure of corrupting knowledge. Such a name indicates a person who is kept away from trying and difficult things or lives a life that is free of trouble and therefore knows nothing of pain. It does not indicate stupidity but rather a kind of femininity and ignorance.

Neetu is mostly used in Hindu families with strong religious affiliations. Naming a girl Neetu is not a common practice. It is a lesser used name in Hindi and Indian cultures. Other variations of Neetu include Nitu, Niti and Neeta. Boys are sometimes named Neetu as well, but this practice is even more unusual than giving a girl this name.

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