What Is the Meaning of the Name Pearl?


The meaning of the name Pearl is 'jewel'. The name is given to female children and it is of Latin origin. It has various variant forms like Perla or Pearle. The nickname for this name is Pearlie and it is used as a first name.
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Pearls are the oldest known gemstone. They are made by oysters and mollusks from a single grain of sand. According to Crystal-Cure.com, pearls were once thought to be the "teardrops
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Pearl is from the English word pearl for the concretions formed in the shells of some
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The name Pearle is of Latin origin and it is derived from a jewel that has the same name. Pearle is used for naming baby girls and it is of Latin origin. The ...
Pearl is a very popular girl's name of Latin origin. It means 'pearl' a jewel name. There are various celebrities by this name such as the American writer Pearl ...
The meaning of the name Perle is 'pearl'. The name is given to female children and its origin is Latin. Perle is a variant of Pearl. The name is pronounced as ...
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