What is the meaning of the name "Pooja"?


Pooja is a name that means prayer or worship. The name Pooja comes from Hindi and Sanskrit origin, and it is generally a girl's name.

According to the pundit Srinivas Khedam, pooja refers to the worship of God with a pure mind and heart. A basic pooja can take between five minutes and three hours. There are day and evening poojas that take place, and there are special poojas that take place on days of Indian festivals. Simple poojas give glory and thanks to God for everything that God has provided in life; faithful Hindus perform this type of pooja daily.

More detailed poojas honoring God follow 16 steps, including prayer and invocation and offering seating, washing of feet, washing of hands, drinking water, new clothes, sacred threads, flowers, food, Betel leaves and nuts, incense, bathing with water, placing sandal paste on God's forehead, showing an oil lamp and Aarati, a mantra in which a devotee asks for forgiveness of mistakes.

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