What Is the Meaning of the Name Rebekah?


There are two beliefs as to the meaning for Rebekah. One is that it is from the Hebrew word which means to tie, to bind, captivating, and beautiful. And the other meaning is a faithful wife.
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First Names: Rebecca
1. Hebrew: To tie, bind; enchantingly beautiful
Source: baby-names.familyeducation.com
The baby name Rebekah is of Hebrew derivation and it means 'tie', 'bind', 'trap' or 'snare'. It is as well of English origin, where it has the same meaning. The name Rebekah is a variant of Rebecca, and it has the following nicknames: Becca, Becci and Becka.
Rebekah is a female name derived from the Hebrew ribbqah (noose), which is from rabak (to bind, to tie). The name is borne in the Bible by the wife of Isaac and mother of his twin sons, Esau and Jacob. (Genesis. 22)
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Definition of Rebekah Rebekah: a rope with a noose (to tie firmly); a tie rope for animals (roots= 1. hitching 2. tied up calf or lamb). A noose; captivating. Fattened This definition
The name Rebekah, of Hebrew origin, means to tie.
rebekah: (Old Testament) wife of Isaac and mother of Jacob and Esau
Rebekah means to tie/to bond. My name is spelt Rebekah, its diffrent and I love it!
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The original meaning of the Hebraic name Rebekah had synonymic meanings. For example, to tie, captivating, knotted cord. To be sure, Isaac found his wife to be ...
The name 'Rebekah' is a Hebrew girl name which means 'bound'. Throughout time, the name has developed various variants depending on geographical location, for ...
The name Rebekah (also spelled Rebecca) means to tie firmly; to secure; to couple or join together; to ensnare and to bind. According to the Bible, in the old ...
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