What is the meaning of the name "Samantha"?


The name "Samantha" means "listener." It is the female form of the Aramaic name, "Samuel." In Hebrew, "Samuel" means "heard by God." However, "Samantha" is an English language variation, so it does not have the same religious meaning.

"Samantha" was the 26th most popular girl's name in 2012, although interest in the name is decreasing over time. In 1998, it was the third most popular name, and in 2005, it came in at number eight. However, by 2009, "Samantha" had dropped to 15th place. Although the name is seldom mispronounced, it is sometimes misspelled. "Samantha" is the standard version of the name, and it has only one direct variation: "Samatha."

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It is of Aramaic origin and means "listener".
Feminine of Sam, derived from Samuel, mean heard
Samantha means "listener" in Aramaic, Maria means "star of the sea" and is Latin in origin.
Jamie Mance.
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First Names: Samantha
1. Aramaic: Listens well
Source: baby-names.familyeducation.com
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