What Is the Meaning of the Name Sanders?


The name Sanders means 'son of Alexander' or 'defending men'. It is a name for boys that has Middle English origins. The name has various variants in various communities including Sanderson, Sandor, Saunders, Saunderson, Sandero, Sander and Sandros.
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boy's name is a variant of. Alexander. (Greek) and. Sanders. (Middle English) and the meaning of Saunders is "man's defender, warrior; son of Alexander"
sander: a power tool used for sanding wood
Its derived from the name Sander, a medieval form of Alexander. which comes from
Meaning a power tool used for sanding wood a loop of sandpaper is moved at high speed by an electric motor Synonym(s) drum sander (what does drum sander mean?) electric sander (what
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The name Sanders is of Greek and German origin. Based on its Greek origin, the name means 'defending men'. The masculine name is commonly used in English and German ...
Deion Sanders was married twice. First with Carolyn Chambers then with Pilar Biggers. Deion already filed for divorce last December 2011. ...
pilar sanders aka pilar biggers (MAIDEN NAME) was born in 1974! ...
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