What Is the Meaning of the Name Sawyer?


The name Sawyer is of English origin and it means 'woodcutter'. In 2010, it ranked 784 out of the top 1000 most popular U.S. girl's names. It also ranked 173 out of the top 1000 most popular U.S. boy's names. Sawyer is used as both a boys and girls name and it is alternatively spelled as Sawyere.
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Sawyer means a person who saws wood or a Woodcutter. Thanks ChaCha!
tom sawyer: the boy hero of a novel by Mark Twain
1. any of several beetles whose larvae bore holes in dead or dying trees especially conifers
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The word sawyer refers to a person who saws timber for a living. It can also mean any of a number of large longicorn beetles whose larvae bore large holes in wood ...
Sawyer is a baby boy's name. This name is of Middle English origin. Sawyer means 'one who saws wood'. It is very popular both as a first name and a surname. This ...
The Author of the Tom Sawyer books is Mark Twain. Mark Twain is a pen name used to disguise the authors gender, his real name is Samuel Langhorne Clemens. The ...
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