What is the meaning of the name Sharon?


Sharon is a name common for females that has a few different meanings. In Hebrew, Sharon means "from the plain of Sharon" or "from the land of Sharon." The land or plain of Sharon refers to a segment of the Holy Land.

The plain of Sharon is located on the coast of Israel and is known to be a fertile area for growing crops. Sharon is also well known in the region as the name of a flowering rose shrub. In Israeli the name Sharon means "a flat clearing," similar to the Hebrew meaning. Sharon can also be used as a girl's name to mean "princess." The name Sharon was first noted as a given name in the 1920s. At that time, the name was popular with new parents. Like many other names, it has fluctuated in popularity over the years, ranking at No. 817 in popularity in the United States for the year 2014. The initial popularity of the name in the 1920s has been largely attributed to the popularity of the serial novel "The Skyrocket," written by Adela Rogers St. John and released in 1925. The heroine of the novel was named Sharon. Variations of the name include Sharyn and Sharron.

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Sharon is from an Old Testament place name meaning "plain" in Hebrew, referring to
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