What Is the Meaning of the Name Squire?


Squire means 'shield bearer'. It is generally used as a boy's name and is pronounced as squire. The name is of English origin and consists of six letters and one syllable. Squire does not have any nicknames.
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in medieval times a 'squire' was a knight's assistant.
Squire:1:young nobleman attendant on a knight; 2:an English country landowner; 3:a man who
squire: young nobleman attendant on a knight; an English country landowner; a man who attends or escorts a woman; attend upon as a squire
A squire was the shield bearer or armour bearer of a knight.1] Use of the term has evolved over time. In the Middle Ages, it referred to a trainee knight but it would come to mean
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Squire is used as a boy's name and it is of Middle English origin. The meaning of Squire is 'knight's companion', thus it falls in the occupational names category ...
Medieval squires were servants to knights during the middle ages. It was considered an important step before being knighted. The meaning of a squire shifted to ...
"The name of the Town Squire is Paul." "Sir Lancelot called to his squire to bring his armor." ...
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