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Tiffany is a name of Greek origin and its meaning is 'manifestation of God'. It is also of Latin origin where it means 'three, the trinity'. It is a form of the name Theophania and it is normally used as a girl's name.
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Tiffany is a girl's name that means 'revelation of God'. The name is pronounced as TIF-a-nee. It is of Greek origin. The name is normally given to girls born during the feat of the epiphany in Christian countries. It is a very popular first name for baby girls.
Tiffany's is a jewelry maker that operates in New York City. Since the 1800's they have been known for their high quality. All items bought at the store comes in a teal box and even this box is valuable.
The meaning of the name Tiffany is bright. Tiffany comes from the Greek language and can also mean 'a revelation in God.' Tiffany has many variant forms and spellings.
The meaning of the name Tiffany is 'revelation of God.' The name Tiffany is normally used for girls in the United States, and it has its origins in the Greek language.
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