What Does the Name Trevor Mean?


Trevor is an old English male name which means 'large village' or 'great settlement'. Trevor is of Welsh origin and was common outside Wales in the Victorian era. Some of its variant forms are Trefor, Trever and Trevar.
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The name Trevor is from a surname which was originally from a place name
Trevor comes from a surname which was originally from a place name meaning "big village".
G'day Trex, Thank you for your question. In Welsh it means great settlement. It became popular outside of Wales in the 19th century. According to Wikipedia, "Trevor is also a
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First Names: Trevor
1. French: Crossing
2. Irish: Cautious
Source: baby-names.familyeducation.com
The name Trevor means 'large settlement' in both Welsh and English origins. It is a masculine name and is common in English and Welsh speaking countries. Similar names include Tyler, Travis, Tanner as well as Tristan.
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