What does the name Trevor mean?


Trevor is a Celtic name that means “one who is cautious and wise.” This two-syllable first name is most commonly used as a male name.

The name Trevor also has origins in Irish and Welsh, but in all known instances it means “prudent” or “wise.” According to one online name ranking website, Trevor is the 318th most common first name for males in the United States, occurring 0.04 percent of the time. James is the most common first name for males, occurring 3.318 percent of the time. Other commonly used Celtic names for boys include Alec, Dylan, Ian, Keith, Lee, Owen and Sean.

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Trevor means prudent.
Etymology. The actual meaning of the name Athena is unknown. It is possibly derived from Greek words that translate to mean "sharp " and "praise." Poetically,
The literal translation of Trevor from English to Latin is "Triers." Trevor is of Welsh origin.
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First Names: Trevor
1. French: Crossing
2. Irish: Cautious
Source: baby-names.familyeducation.com
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