What Is the Meaning of the Prefix Sus?


Prefix sus means under or less. A prefix is word placed at the beginning of another word to modify or change its meaning. Other prefixes include per, prim, peri, post, poly, semi and pro.
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sus- less or under.
To understand the idea of a sus chord, you must have a good grasp on major chords and scales. Chords are constructed from the notes of a particular scale. Major chords are constructed
In programming, it refers to writing programs that construct other programs, or in some cases, a language interpreter that is defined in "itself" (Meta-circular evaluator)
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The prefix 'sus' means at a lower position, lower in rank, nearly, or approximately. A prefix is normally put at the beginning of a word to transform or change its meaning, for instance, sub-tropical or sub-lieutenant. Other common examples of prefixes include un, ultra, under and trans.
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