What Is the Meaning of the Prefix Sus?


Prefix sus means under or less. A prefix is word placed at the beginning of another word to modify or change its meaning. Other prefixes include per, prim, peri, post, poly, semi and pro.
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"Fibro" is a prefix used in medical terminology to denote fibrous tissues in the body. The term originates from the Latin "fibra," which also refers to fibrous
Meta as a prefix comes from Greek. meta. meaning ‘with, across, after.’.
it means "belief" or "opinion"
Pre A prefix that means before is pre. For example words like premonition (previous warning or notice. i.e. The physic had a premonition of her own surprise party so the reactions
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The prefix 'sus' means at a lower position, lower in rank, nearly, or approximately. A prefix is normally put at the beginning of a word to transform or change its meaning, for instance, sub-tropical or sub-lieutenant. Other common examples of prefixes include un, ultra, under and trans.
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