What Is the Meaning of the Seven Ages of Man?


The meaning of the seven ages of man is the stages that a person goes through from childhood to old age. These ages were listed in William Shakespeare's play 'As You Like It'. This is one of the most quoted works of William Shakespeare.
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The poem seven stages of men were written by William Shakespeare. It is
A 20th century interpretation of Shakespeare's immortal lines from "As You Like It" employing drama, music, poetry and photography.
I believe it's really open to interpretation. The lyrics to "The End" are obtuse, have definite oedipal references, and even according to Jim Morrison"could mean almost
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The seven ages of man are infancy, boyhood, lover, solder, justice, pantaloon and the second childishness stage. The infancy stage is a formative time for the ...
The theme of the Seven Ages of Man is the cycle of life. This is clearly expressed by the infant who progresses to an invalid old man through the seven stages. ...
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