What Is the Meaning of the Song Golden Brown?


The song golden brown was done by a band called the Stranglers in 1981. There were claims that that the lyrics are about heroin use and trade though the group maintain that different listeners hear different things in the lyrics. An alternative interpretation was that the song was about one of the band member's girlfriend who was of the Mediterranean origin with golden brown skin.
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No one considered the song more than just an album track,
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The lyrics seem to suggest it is about heroin, and fans suspect this, but the band have never confirmed this. 'Golden brown' is a slang term for heroin. report this answer. Updated
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Golden Brown, refers to a song by the English rock band The Stranglers and was released as a 7 single in December 1981, on Liberty. The Stranglers' 'Golden Brown' describe heroin as if it were a conscious being where the actual central idea is that heroin behaves like a person, and the individual verses describe both the historical spread of heroin and its effects on the user in terms of the actions of this person.
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