What Is the Meaning of the Song Hallelujah?


The song Hallelujah is basically about love that has soured and gone stale. A lot of religious imagery has been used in the song, including references to some of the more notorious women in the bible. Hallelujah is a song originally done by Arguably Buckley.
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The song Hallelujah was originally written and recorded by Lernad Cohen in 1984 on his album Various Positions. The song is about love which has soured and gone stale. Hallelujah is a Hebrew word which means ‘Glory to the Lord’.
Hallelujah' is a Latin transliteration of the Hebrew word Halleluya meaning 'Praise Yahweh' or 'Praise ye Jehovah'.
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"Hallelujah" is a song written by Canadian singer-songwriter Leonard Cohen, originally released on his studio album Various Positions (1984) Achieving little initial success
Leonard Cohen wrote the song, Hallelujah, in 1984. The song was sung by Jeff Buckley and was released in 1994. Alexandra Burke sang the song in 2008, and it was released once again.
Hallelujah by Jeff Buckley seems to talk about the inherent pains of
The Leonard Cohen song is a criticism of God for making mankind the way we are and then punishing us for just being our faulty selves, a spiteful review of love and how it always
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'Hallelujah' is a Christian worship song written and sung by Canadian songwriter and singer Leonard Cohen. The song's main theme is to rejoice and to praise God ...
Leonard Cohen's Song Hallelujah is a song which glorifies the kingdom of heaven compared to earthly pleasures and triumphs. The song borrows from the biblical ...
"Hallelujah" means god be praised. The rest of the song, with English lyrics, goes like this: "Hallelujah hallelujah hallelujah hallelujah hallelujah ...
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