What Is the Meaning of the Song Kodachrome?


The song Kodachrome is an appreciation of the things that colour our world in life. This song was done by Paul Simon, and he was in the process of writing a song titled 'Coming Home' when the word 'Kodachrome' came to him, a word that he had no idea about its meaning. However, he thought that a song by the title 'Kodachrome' would be more interesting than 'Coming Home' thus he went for this title.
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This song speaks of the mystic (not religious) experience of the souls journey on earth. We are a spiritual being having an earthly experience. Life is simply a canvas for our souls
It means that the girl doesn't love the boy anymore. Things changed as well as her feelings. Untold reason but that's what the song is all about. Steep means difficult. It will be
Shakira stated this song was about her way of life. She has always been on the road moving, hence the metaphor of Gypsy was used. After having her heart broken so many times, she's
The song means that we should care about others and bring peace through out the world. So we can make the world a better place.
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