What Is the Meaning of the Song Purple Rain?


The meaning for the Purple Rain song for Prince is connection, control, even security, while the Purple Rain sung by America means that the rain that hit Joe keeps him unsettled, insecure, and on the road. The song purple rain was done by two musicians of different generations. There is the purple rain sang by America and the other one was sung by prince.
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Answer Purple prose refers to exaggeration and highly imaginative writing. Since rain falls, purple rain can be construed as "exaggerated, highly imaginative ideas or events
Music that falls during a purple haze. Seriously, Prince had a purple thing going during the 80s so he probably decided to jazz up a title that would be about rain. You can see his
After looking at the lyrics maybe he means his love for her? Just a guess.
Seen as a symbol for rebirth in ancient Egypt, the lotus bud is closely associated with the sun. It closes and falls to the water at night, and at daybreak rises back above the water
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The song Purple Rain has different meanings to different people. To some, its lyrics symbolise the rain of royalty. The colour purple has traditionally been a symbol of royalty and is connected to the singer Prince. In the song Purple Rain, Prince wishes to rain joy and happiness to a woman.
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