What is the meaning of the phrase "with a heavy heart"?


With a heavy heart means with a heart full of sadness or weighted down by sorrow. It means melancholy, sad, or depressed. It is the feeling you have when someone close to you passes away.
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Heavy-hearted: (adj) is defined as being melancholy; depressed; or sad. Thanks
When someone has a heavy heart it mean that they're sad or depressed. An example of someone with a heavy heart would be like someone who has just lost a loved one and is very sad
Before buying a heart pendant, you should have in your mind a deep purpose; why you are giving this special piece of jewelry to someone. The design of the piece has more meaning than
Yes, it means to be very sad. The word has more than a poetic meaning because such a state of mind is often accompanied by a tightness in the chest as if the heart were swelling (
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