What is the meaning of "La Grande Jatte"?


"La Grande Jatte" is a French island within the river Seine, and its name translates to "the big bowl." It was the subject of a pointillist oil painting in 1886 by Georges Seurat called "A Sunday Afternoon on the Island of La Grande Jatte."

The island is a mile long and serves as a relaxing getaway for Parisians, according to Artble. Alfred Sisley and Claude Monet also created works of art depicting scenes on the Île de la Grande Jatte. Monet painted "Springtime on La Grande Jatte" in 1878, and Sisley's "L'ile de la Grande Jatte" depicts the island during the winter or fall.

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The Île de la Grande Jatte is an island in the River Seine, in the gates of Paris. French
It is an Island in the Seine, where people from Paris liked to spend leisure time.
"Sunday in the Park With George" of course. If you want to be deconstructionist about it play it backwards
The Seurat painting is in a museum, and hasn't been sold since 1924. It might be worth millions if the museum decided to sell. But if you found it on the sidewalk, you wouldn't
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