What is the meaning of "PTE Ltd.?"


"PTE Ltd." means private limited. A private limited company offers limited liability for shareholders and has certain ownership restrictions which are based on the company’s bylaws. A private limited company is typically a small business such as an independent retailer.

The ownership restrictions are in place to prevent any attempt of hostile takeover. The first ownership restriction is on the sale or transfer of shares, which must first be offered to other shareholders before offering to the public. Second, sale of shares to the general public over a stock exchange is prohibited. Third, there is a fixed number of shareholders, typically up to 50.

A private limited company has its own legal identity, and it is capable of owning assets in its own right. Its ownership is divided into equal parts called shares, and the owners of shares are called shareholders, are part owners of the company and have limited liability. Creditors cannot sue them for the payment of the firm’s debts, as the owners of a limited company are not personally liable for the company’s debts. Their personal finances are separate from the company’s finances. Unless they are elected to the Board of Directors, the owners do not necessarily run the business. A private limited company has at least one director who may also be a shareholder.

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