Melting Point of Hydrogen?


The melting point of Hydrogen is -259.14º C, and its boiling point is -252.87º C. The atomic mass of this element is 1.00794 amu (atomic mass unit), while its atomic number is 1. Hydrogen has a hexagonal crystal structure and it is a colourless gas.
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Hydrogen is found in the stars and plays an important part in powering the universe through both the proton-proton reaction and carbon-nitrogen cycle. Its melting point is - 259.34 º C.
Hydrogen is a chemical element with the atomic number 1 and the symbol is H. Its melting point is 14.01 Kelvin or -259.14 Celsius or 434.45 Fahrenheit. You can find more information here:
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The melting point of hydrogen, (H), with the atomic number of 1, is -434.45203 degrees Fahrenheit which is -259.14 degrees Celsius. The boiling point of hydrogen is -423.166 Fahrenheit
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The melting point of Hydrogen is -259.14 degrees Celsius (14.009985...
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