What Is the Melting Point of Sugar?


The melting point of sugar is 186 degrees Celsius when it decomposes to form caramel. This means that rather than melting at one definitive temperature, sugar can become a liquid at different temperatures depending on the rate at which it is heated.
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I was making a special Chinese soy-sauce which calls for melting brown sugar in cooking oil continuously in medium low heat. I had a contact-thermometer and I noted around 160-Celsius
Around 170 deg depending on environment. As long as you had already the answer from previous people, I will give you a trick with sugar. In a group, take a sugar cube and ask the
Matter exists in four stages: solid, liquid, gas and plasma. With the exception of fire, most matter we encounter is in the solid, liquid or gas phase. The temperature and pressure
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There are many kinds and forms of sugar (brown sugar, glucose, lactose, and maltose) -- The most common household sugar being white table sugar, called sucrose, that melts at 185 degrees C (365 degrees F).
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