What Is the Melting Point of Wax?


The melting point of wax is 58 degrees Celsius. Wax is a chemical compound that is malleable near ambient temperatures. It is insoluble in water and it usually melts at 58 degrees Celsius to give a low viscosity liquid.
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i think its 100. The range of the melting point is between 30. 0. C and 70. 0. C, depending on the material used. At a higher temperature the wax is thermally decomposed or ignited.
Depending upon how refined it is, paraffin wax melting point ranges from
deltaG=deltaH-TdeltaS. At the melting point the solid and liquid state have the same free energy so the free energy difference between them (deltaG) is zero. Plug in the values of
The melting point of Osmium is 3045 +/- 30 degreeses C.
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The answer to this question depends on what type of wax you are referring to, because different types have different melting points. Bees wax melts at 62 degrees C while parafin wax can melt at 55 degrees C.
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