Mortar Mix Ratio?


Different mix ratios for mortar highly depend on the place of application. For general building above ground mix ratio for sand lime and cement is 5:1:1. For general building below the ground, the ratio is 6:1:1. and for Internal walls mortar ratio is 9:2:1.
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1 part cement to 1/2 part lime. 2.25 parts sand times the sum of cement and lime. Add water to consistancy for workability.
1. Add one part fireclay, one part Portland cement, one part lime and three parts sand into a bucket or wheelbarrow, depending on how much mortar you intend to mix. If you are making
1. Set up a 3. 2cu standard tip-up mixer. Ad. 2. Fill mixer with 15litres of water. 3. Put 4 shovels of sand in. 4. Put 17. 5kg bag of cement in. 5. Add another 7/8 shovels of sand
Mixing Mortar: Add 3 parts beach sand and 1 part masonry cement in a wheel borrow. Pour approximetly 2 gallons of water on top of the mixture. report this answer. Updated on Wednesday
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The ration of mixing mortar is sand to cement 5:1 or sand, lime, cement in the ratio of5:1:1 respectively for the general building above the ground. For the general building below the ground the ratio is cement to sand 3:1 or sand, lime, cement 6:1:1.
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