What is the month of April known for?


According to Ducksters, April is known for April Fools' Day, Easter and rain, which helps flowers and trees bloom. The birthstone for people who are born in April is the diamond, and their Zodiac sign is either Aries or Taurus, depending on when in April they were born.

April has long been known for being a rainy month. However, it is this rain that helps trees and flowers bloom in May. This is where the saying, “April showers bring May flowers,” originates. Fittingly, April comes from the Latin word that means “to open.” It is believed that April was given this name because flowers and trees bloom and open during the spring. At the time, April was the second month of the year. It was not until January and February were added in 700 B.C. that April became the fourth month.

April is full of unique holidays of which many people are not aware. For example, April is National Humor Month. Other unique holidays include National Poetry Month and International Guitar Month. There are also many weekly celebrations that happen in April, including Library Week during the first week and National Karaoke Week during the fourth week.

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April is the fourth month of the year, having 30
April is the fourth (4th) month of the year.
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