What is the moral of "Beauty and the Beast"?


The theme of the fairy tale "Beauty and the Beast" is that appearances are deceiving. This narrative tells the story of a prince trapped in the body of a beast who is so ugly that everyone is repulsed by him. He falls in love with a beautiful girl who comes to appreciate his inner beauty but not until it is almost too late.

A merchant leaves on a trip and asks his three daughters what they want him to bring them. His favorite daughter, who is as sweet as she is beautiful, asks for only a rose. On his way home from the trip, the merchant picks a rose from a garden belonging to a beast who has given him hospitality along the way. The beast is angry and demands the girl be brought to him. She comes and is frightened by his appearance. He is kind to her and gives her many things. In time he asks her if she thinks he is ugly. She replies truthfully that he is but that he has a kind heart. Later, Beauty discovers that her father is sick and asks Beast to let her go home for a week. He allows her to go, and at the behest of her family, she stays longer than a week. When she returns, she finds Beast near death, having starved himself in grief. Beauty is devastated and professes her love for Beast and her desire to be his wife. As she says the words, Beast is transformed back into the prince.

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