What Is the Most Durable Flooring for Dogs?


Laminate and tile are the most durable flooring for dogs. Laminate is a type of free floating floor that is designed to look like wood flooring or tile. With laminate flooring, the surface is less likely to get scratched up and will stay in good shape many years longer than hardwoods, especially if there are dogs in the home. Laminate flooring comes in many different shades and styles and has a protective barrier underneath to eliminate rot on the sub floor and can be installed over hard surface floors without the need of removal. Tile flooring is good for kitchens and bathrooms when there are dogs present. Adding an extra coat of sealant will help to protect the grout lines from being scratched up and is an easy to clean surface. As a residential and commercial flooring installer of many years, I have seen a lot of damage in households that have multiple pets. Laminate and tile are the two flooring surfaces that hold up the best and are easy to maintain.
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