What Is the Most Expensive Beanie Baby?


One of the most expensive beanie babies is Peanut the Royal Blue Elephant which cost around £2,795. Other most expensive beanie babies include Nana the Monkey, Punchers the Lobster, Brownie the Brown Bear and Derby the Fine Mane Horse.
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The most expensive Beanie Baby ever, though, is the royal blue Peanut.
According to the 1998 Beanie Collector magazine, the most expensive Beanie Baby is Peanut, a royal blue elephant priced at $2,200. Quackers, a wineglass duck sells for $1,375 and
The condition of the toys are ranked like other collectibles: mint, near mint, excellent, good, etc. A Beanie Baby's value goes up the closer it looks to having come right out of
Because Toys R Us is too expensive. Mabye also because it is a good toy, and people enjoy it.
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What Is the Most Expensive Beanie Baby?
Beanie Babies are popular stuffed animals filled with little plastic "beans" and all have a unique name. They came from the TY Company and, through exclusive releases only to small businesses, the Beanie Baby line immediately became rare and... More »
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