What Is the Most Expensive Crystal?


Strass Crystall Chandeliers are the most expensive crystals and lighting fixtures you could ever find, because of their durability. In addition, they are expensive, because they are carefully perfected by a machine and are coated to ensure that dust and other impurities will slide off from its exterior.
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Swarovski crystal is the world?s most expensive crystal. Swarovski crystal adorned 24 karat plated version. As one would expect for these prices, their products are hand delivered anywhere in the world.
The most expensive crystal depends on what type of crystal you are talking about. Carbon that is crystallized is called a diamond, which can be very expensive. Waterford is a company that makes beautiful crystal products. They are also expensive.
The most expensive crystal would depend on the size, color, cut and how popular it is. Australian or Austrian crystals are said to be the most expensive in terms of popularity.
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