Most Painful Piercings?


The level of pain of a body piercing depends on the location. The most painful body piercings occur in areas which are close to the bone or cartilage such as the top part of ears, muscle such as the tongue and genital areas such as nipples.
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My prince albert hurt like hell but so did my APA and my nipples. I'd have to say for a dude the APA or the AMP. For the ladies I'm not sure. Anal piercing have got to be the grossest
Roxy makes some reasonable assumptions, but is incorrect. Ultimately, there is no way to say with 100% certainty what will be to most painful spot on any specific individual. However
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Genitals are the most painful to have pierced. Ouch! There are 84 body piercings that you could get!hey back at you!Tongue piercings are painful for most people
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Genital piercing is considered the most painful piercing one can have on the body. Despite the fact that its thought only sends many people whimpering, it is becoming more and more popular for men and women alike. Other painful piercings are nipples, cartilage piercings, labret/lip, nostril and navels.
The most painful piercing can vary by users, but the common consensus has been that it is the piercing of the genitals, whether the user is male or female.
Well if you ask several people you will get many answers as to what is the most painful piercing. People have different pain tolerances and different sensitivities. I would say that the most painful piercings would be the labia, and the prince albert, which is the piercing of the penis.
The most painful piercing, would all depend on the person that you ask or talk to. One piercing may be the worst for one person and not for another. It is a personal opinion.
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The person with the most body piercings is Elaine Davidson of Edinburgh, Scotland she has 6005 piercings. ...
A prince Albert piercing is a piercing of the male genital. It is placed at the top of the penis head and can be very painful. If a male gets this piercing, he ...
No foods are off limits after having your tongue pierced. Eat whatever does not cause you pain as you heal. Your initial stud is often longer than necessary, so ...
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