What Is the Most Popular Genre of Music?


The best and most popular music genres in the world for the year 2011 are Pop music followed by Rock music, Country music, hip hop music and finally the Instrumental Music. Rock music is a broad type of music genre, which is subdivided into heavy metal music, Christian rock music, punk rock music, alternating rock music and death metal music.
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Answer METAL music is the best and not that "hardcore" crap i mean real metal with real lyrics and a good guitarist and a great drummer. Classic metal from the 80s no not
Pop is the most popular music genre based on sales or downloads. Followed by rock, hard rock and rhythm & blues (R&B).
Rock music continues to be the most popular music genre in
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Some of the most popular genres of music are Hip Hop, rock, pop and instrumental music. Hip Hop is possibly the largest selling genre worldwide while rock and pop are the most listened to in European countries.
The world's most popular genre of music is hip hop with the main reason being that hip hop is a form of music that can exceed different cultures and because of its diversity; any culture can adopt it to their familiarity.
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